Post Dispositional Program

BRJD’s Post-Disposition Program (Post-D) is a dispositional alternative for certain juvenile offenders who may benefit from local short-term treatment while in a controlled setting.  The Post-D 90 Program is 90 days in length and is for juveniles who are not eligible for commitment* to the Virginia Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ).  The Post-D 180 Program is 180 days in length and is for juveniles who are eligible for commitment to DJJ.  Both programs serve juveniles who likely have not experienced success in community-based services or other types of residential settings. Learn more »

Community Placement Program

The Community Placement Program is a program for males ages 16-20 who are 3-12 months from release from the Department of Juvenile Justice.  This program places an emphasis on increasing educational competencies, increasing employment readiness, and reducing criminal behavior by helping residents improve their abilities in the areas of self-control, decision making and problem solving.
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Garden Program

The BRJD Garden Program was established in 2008.  The program currently has two small greenhouses, nine raised beds, and a composting station.  All of our plants are heirlooms and we pursue organic and sustainable practices. Produce harvested from the program is donated to community members and families of BRJD residents.  Plants from our program have also been donated to “jump start” other community gardens including Buford Middle School and the Virginia Institute for Autism.
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