General Information


Visitation for detention residents is on Sundays from 8:30-10:30 am.  Detention residents are also eligible for visitation on Wednesdays from 5:30-6:30 pm, based on the prior week’s behavior.  Visitation for CPP Residents is on Sundays from 1:00-3:00 pm.  All visitors must present a valid picture ID.  For a full description of the visitation procedures for both programs please click here:

CPP Visitation Procedures
Detention Visitation Procedures

Phone Calls

All residents are entitled to an intake phone call. All calls must be made to a parent or legal guardian and the detainee may only speak to his or her parent or legal guardian.  Residents have the right to refuse an intake phone call. 

Residents may not receive any incoming personal telephone calls.  The phone system at BRJD is provided by CIDNET and is programmed to allow residents to contact their attorneys, probation officers and DSS legal guardians at no cost.  All others may accept collect calls from the resident or set up an account for the resident with CIDNET.  In order to set up an account, please visit 

View a full description of the CIDNET phone system »

Mail and Packages

Residents are provided with paper, writing utensils and two (2) free stamps per week.  Residents may receive incoming mail to include letters, cards and pictures, all of which are screened for contraband.  Stamps may not be mailed to residents however you may send extra stamps for your child to the attention of BRJD’s Business Office Manager.  Pictures of an inappropriate nature will be placed in the Resident’s personal property.  Residents may not receive packages of any kind without the prior approval of the Superintendent or designee.    

Books and Magazines

BRJD has book carts on each living unit and in the school library, all of which are rotated under the direction of the school’s literacy coach.  Books and magazines may be donated to BRJD if first approved by the Programs Coordinator

School Work

Work from your child’s home school will not be accepted.  Any exceptions must be made by BRJD’s school Principal

Hygiene Items

Residents are provided with all basic hygiene items at the time of intake.  Additional items may be earned through good behavior according the resident level system.  BRJD will not accept hygiene items on behalf of residents unless an exception has been made by the Facility Nurse due to a documented medical issue. 


If your child is prescribed medications, please contact the Facility Nurse in order to provide information about refills and insurance coverage.  Medications can be delivered to the facility at any time by going to the front lobby.    

Mental Health

If you are concerned about your child’s mental health status, you may contact BRJD’s Clinical Supervisor or the Region Ten Mental Health Case Manager/Clinician in order to share your concerns or check on your child’s progress. 


BRJD is authorized to release residents by court order only.  The adult indicated on the court order, to whom the juvenile is to be released, must present a valid picture ID at the time of release.  If you do not possess a valid picture ID, please contact the Assistant Superintendent, Chief of Security, or Programs Coordinator, immediately in order to develop an alternate plan.  


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