Services Provided


BRJD’s Academic Program is staffed by Albemarle County Schools and is a State Operated Program.  For additional information about BRJD’s Academic Program, contact our Principal.

Physical Education

Part of BRJD’s daily program is physical training.  Each day Residents participate in a number of physical activities designed to develop physical health, endurance and positive mental well-being.  This part of the program is conducted in a structured manner supervised by trained staff.

Community Services

BRJD utilizes community agencies, such as Planned Parenthood and the Sexual Assault Resource Agency to provide information and education for our residents.  BRJD also utilizes volunteers for programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous and religious services. For additional information about volunteer services, contact our Programs Coordinator.

Religious Services

BRJD volunteers provide weekly nondenominational religious services for residents. Residents attend on a voluntary basis.

Mental Health

BRJD’s Clinician, along with a full-time Region Ten CSB Mental Health Case Manager/Clinician, coordinate and provide clinical services to BRJD residents. The Region Ten CSB Mental Health Case Manager/Clinician position is dedicated to and located at BRJD.   A psychiatrist visits the facility weekly to provide medication management. For more information about BRJD’s mental health services, contact our Clinician.

Medical Services

BRJD employs a full-time facility nurse and a part time physician to monitor and address the medical needs of residents. For additional information about BRJD’s medical services, contact our Facility Nurse.

Post Dispositional Program

In July 2004, BRJD began a 180-day facility program for juveniles with suspended commitments to the Virginia Department of Juvenile Justice.  The program is referred to as the “Post Dispositional Program” or “Post-D.” In January 2012, BRJD began offering a 90-day Post-D program for juveniles who are not commitment eligible. For additional information about BRJD’s Post-D Program, contact our Programs Coordinator.

Community Placement Program

A program for males ages 16-20 who are 3-12 months from release from the Department of Juvenile Justice. This program addresses many of the areas listed above with an emphasis on increasing educational competencies, increasing employment readiness, and reducing criminal behavior by helping residents improve their abilities in the areas of self-control, decision making and problem solving. For additional information about BRJD’s Community Placement Program, contact our CPP Case Manager.


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