Post Dispositional Program

Post Dispositional Program

BRJD’s Post-Disposition Program (Post-D) is a dispositional alternative for certain juvenile offenders who may benefit from local short-term treatment while in a controlled setting.  The Post-D 90 Program is 90 days in length and is for juveniles who are not eligible for commitment* to the Virginia Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ).  The Post-D 180 Program is 180 days in length and is for juveniles who are eligible for commitment to DJJ.  Both programs serve juveniles who likely have not experienced success in community-based services or other types of residential settings.

BRJD’s Post-D programs target youth that appear to be amenable to treatment and to improving their behavior and lifestyles.  They may earn privileges to work, participate in community service and volunteer assignments, and leave the facility for educational activities and home visits.  These services and privileges are intended to increase family and community involvement, thus increasing the youth’s chances for a successful transition back into his or her community.

Residents participate in the development of their individualized service plan which addresses and strives to strengthen the areas of family, education, mental health, community, and emotional and physical well-being.  The Post-D Program is designed to encourage and support residents in their interpersonal/intrapersonal development, as well as increase a resident’s competence in life skills, victim empathy, problem solving, and conflict resolution.  This is accomplished through creating experiential opportunities for residents to increase their sense of efficacy in these areas.  Programming includes but is not limited to character education, substance abuse education and/or counseling, education regarding reproductive health and personal safety, and individual and/or family counseling.  Services available may include those within the community and/or those within the facility.  

Post-D residents participate in BRJD’s academic program which is designed to increase their level of knowledge and academic success.  Career options and vocational abilities are explored.  The program works closely with treatment/programs staff as collaborative intervention efforts facilitate a successful re-entry of the youth into their community.  For additional information about BRJD’s academic program please visit our Education page.

Juveniles are assessed for eligibility and suitability for the Post-D Program by referral of the juvenile’s probation officer or by order of the court.  If you have any questions or would like additional information about Blue Ridge Juvenile Detention’s Post-Disposition Program, please contact Christine Capozza, Programs Coordinator, at 434-951-9340.

* To be eligible for commitment, a juvenile must be eleven years of age or older and adjudicated delinquent or convicted of a felony offense, a Class 1 misdemeanor and a prior felony, or four Class 1 misdemeanors. The court may commit the juvenile for a determinate or an indeterminate period of time.

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