Notice Regarding Phone Calls

The Blue Ridge Juvenile Detention phone system is operated by Encartele and will allow for calls to be made from within the facility in the following ways:

Collect Calls:  The Encartele system utilizes a live validation program that checks the telephone number prior to the number being dialed out.  This validation verifies that the telephone number being called can accept and be billed for collect calls.  If the number fails the validation test, it may only be called through Encartele’s prepaid MinuteMizer program. 

MinuteMizer Calls:  MinuteMizer is Encartele’s prepaid program for placing calls to telephone numbers that cannot be billed as collect calls.  These types of calls typically include cell phones, business phones, and numbers with collect call blocks.  MinuteMizer is also available to anyone who can accept and be billed for collect calls that wish to take advantage of the lower rates through the implementation of deposit bonuses.  In order to establish a MInuteMizer account, the owner of the telephone number would need to contact the MinuteMizer account department at (800) 562-7062.  From there a MinuteMizer representative can set up the account with prepaid funds for telephone calls.  A MinuteMizer account can also be established by visiting

Call Rates:  Rates are determined according to the location of the area being called.  The option to hear specific rates will be announced to the person receiving the call before the call is connected.  Questions about rates should be directed to Encartele at the Encartele Friends and Family telephone number listed below. 

Encartele Friends and Family – (800) 562-7062:  This toll-free number is for customers that accept calls to contact in regard to billing or service issues as it pertains to their telephone number, and for those wishing to establish a MinuteMizer prepaid account or to add funds to an existing MinuteMizer account. 

Attorneys, Probation Officers and Department of Social Services:  Residents will have the ability to make phone calls regarding their court case to attorneys, probation officers and DSS legal guardians at no charge.    


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