BRJD Education Brochure


State Operated Programs is a collaborative community that empowers each child academically, socially, and emotionally.


A highly effective group of educators will provide safe, innovative, and individualized instruction to a unique group of students to encourage, support, inspire, and prepare them as confident, successful, global citizens. 

greenhouseThe academic program at Blue Ridge Juvenile Detention is associated with three entities: the Virginia Department of Education (VA-DOE), Albemarle County Schools (ACPS) and Blue Ridge Juvenile Detention (BRJD).  The program resides on the grounds of BRJD and is subject to those policies therein.  All personnel are hired through ACPS, who serves as the fiscal agent, and are also subject to their policies.  VA-DOE serves as the funding source and provides program governance.  The BRJD academic program is a State Operated Program run directly by the Virginia Department of Education.

All residents of BRJD participate in a six-hour instructional school day.  Courses include English/language arts, science, math, social studies, Health/PE, character education and fine arts.  Additional opportunities for remediation in reading are available to students who qualify.  Special education services are provided to students who are determined to have a disability under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act. Career-related education and GED preparation (for those who qualify under state standards) are offered to students in those programs.

When a student enrolls in the academic program at BRJD, the child’s home school is notified.  The home school forwards portions of the child’s cumulative school record so that appropriate educational services can be provided during the period of detainment.  When a student is released from the BRJD facility, a transfer summary reflecting grades and Virginia Standards of Learning addressed is forwarded to the student’s home school.  These grades are factored into the student’s academic performance on his or her regular transcript. 

Seven teachers are employed by Albemarle County Schools to work at the BRJD Academic Program.  In addition, a Title I Literacy Coach is employed.  All teachers hold an active professional license to teach in Virginia.  Most have Master’s Degrees and are endorsed in more than one area. 

Community involvement is welcome in the BRJD Academic Program.  Guest speakers from the University of Virginia, Piedmont Community College, Virginia Department of Labor, and local business leaders have visited our classrooms.  Individuals and groups have made donations for our library.  The academic program, in conjunction with the facility, has used grant money furnished by the VA Department of Education and matched by the BRJD Commission to construct a greenhouse for instructional use with the post-dispositional residents. Front Porch Music has started a music program within the school. UVA Curry School Interns directly work with students and add additional academic support. Local amateur soccer players come into the facility once a month to work with students.

Questions regarding the BRJD Academic Program can be directed to Tanner Boyle, M.Ed, Principal, at 434-951-9340 ext. 120.

Academic Staff:

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